The Horse"s Mouth


You know this reminds me, there's a very beautiful line right at the end of the book, of "The Horse's Mouth," Gully Jimson lays the line. Joyce Cary's beautiful, beautiful, profound, informative, rich, luscious, juicy with information - the last words of the book when he's, he falls off this sign and they carry him in and he's dyin' but he's swingin', he's leapin', he's jumpin', he's layin' it down, you know, he’s, he's carryin' it, he's carryin' it on. And they take him to the hospital, and it's a Catholic hospital and they have nuns in there, you see. So, he's still swingin', man. He's goin' out, but he's goin' out crazy!

So the nun's a little shook up. She says to him, the nun says, "Mr. Jimson, at a very serious time like this, don't you think that you should laugh a little less and pray a little more?"

And he looked at her and he said, "It's the same thing, Madame," and flipped out.

But to read that beautiful book...

When you stop to think about laughter, it truly is religious. It gives off vibrations from the subconscious, it swings, it sounds from the subconscious.

When a person is laughing he's illuminated, he's illuminated in the full beauty of a human being. And womanhood when she's happy and laughing, is oooooooh, Mother Magnet. And she's,- you know this - after many times when you find yourself laughing you say, "Well, I wish John could be here. He’d - he'd love this."

So you're thinking love, you're vibrating love, it's, it's, it's a prayer.

from "Way Out Humor" transcribed by Michael Monteleone