Fred and Charlie


Charles Pike

copyright by Charles Pike 2002, used by permission


yes charlie
what is that stiff doing in the front of the car?
why he occupies the driver seat!
good god man where is he going?

huckita be huckita boo
huckita muckita puckita

beep beep

my god fred i have never seen a dead man
drive with such verocity! where is he headed?

he said he was going all the way!

all the way??
good god man, surely he realizes you
can't get there from here!

the union oil map had a big star
a small scar a gold cigar and
a picture of this car,
he said it doesn't matter where your going,
because wherever you end up
there you jolly well are!

sthat so?

swhat he said.

why the hell won't the man slow down?

if you want to get there
you gots to hurry!

it seems like we are getting no place fast.

nobody can get nowhere any faster!

than tell that steel tailed stud
lay that pedal down

let the big black car ride

we're going nowhere
and we're doing it in style!

let the cars ride
the dogs bark
and the chilluns out of school
we're going on a ride!

for god's sake man,
don't stick that out the window,
a freight train will rip it right off!

woooow woooow!