Album Title   Zappéd
Media   12" Vinyl
Record Company   Bizarre/Straight
Catalog #   PRO-368
Year of Issue   1970
Side 1 Track 8   "Governor Slugwell" - Lord Buckley
Label Variations    
Misc. Notes   This album features "Governor Slugwell" from the 1956 Lyle Griffin Sessions which produced "a most immaculately hip aristocrat". Two vinyl jackets were produced both front and back. The labels for the album remained the same for both versions.



According to Richard Selinkoff, who appears to be some sort of expert, "What Lord Buckley was telling us about most often [was] our humanity. He showed what it is to be a living human being and he show us how to make the most of it."

Also, according to Richard, Lord Buckley's monolgues "glow with the poetry inherent in [the] tongue of the outcast, the drop-out, the artist, the black, and the young."

Also, to perhaps tantalize you to the point of hysteria, he adds, "He was the purest, noblest, and most beautiful hipster since the one he called the Nazz was hammered up onto the cross."

Stick that in you pipe and toke it.

"The Train" is an excerpt from the "a most immaculately hip aristocrat" Lord Buckley collection (Reprise 6389), originally produced and engineered in 1956 by Lyle Griffin.