MUSE - The Supermassive Selection
Album Title   MUSE - The Super Massive Selection
Media   Compact Disc
Record Company   NME
Catalog #   NME CD 0703
Year of Issue   2007
1   "The Trin" - Lord Buckley
13   "The Nazz" - Lord Buckley
Label Variations    
Misc. Notes   This CD was included with a copy of June 16, 2007 New Music Express, a British music magazine -the album was not sold spearately. The tracks were chosen by the band MUSE. See liner notes for more

MUSE Liner Notes


FOR THIS CD we've compiled a bunch of songs that we listen to before a gig - they're all the kind of thing that get us into the mood before we go onstage. They're also songs that we've discovered while we've been on the road. If a gig goes well we stick some of the songs here on afterwards and we've got an instant party. we'll be listening to this CD before we go onstage at Wembley, so hopefully it'll get you lot in the mood, too. oh and there's a new song by us on here which we might include in theset, so we hope you enjoy it.