Garden of Delights - The Nazz
Album Title   Garden Of Delights
Media   12" Vinyl
Record Company   Elektra
Catalog #   S3-10
Year of Issue   1969
Side Three - Track 6   The Nazz - Lord Buckley
Label Variations    
Misc. Notes   "The Nazz" from Vaya's 1951 recording appears on this rare, three-record set.

Garden of Delights Liner Notes

The year is 1954

While Vice President of the United States Richard M Nixon is
vigourously making speeches promisinq that the Eisenhower
Administration will minimize America's involvement in the Far East, and whlle most Americans are gluing their eyes to TV screens to watch the antics of a man they call Uncle Milty, or going out to the movies to see Bing Crosby in "White Christmas", or listening to the year's Number One hit song, "Secret Love", as sung by Doris Day. Elektra Records, then in it's fourth year, is putting out as a simply packaged 10-inch disc entitled "A Folk Music Sampler". Billed as "Outstanding Folk and Ethnic Recordings". It is the first sampler in the entire record industry. Artists appearing on it include Cynthia Gooding, Holly Wood, and Tom Paley. There is no fanfare, no hysteria, no dancing in the streets.

After all it's only 1954.