Comic Novelties - On A Cocoanut Island
Album Title   Comic Novelties
Media   12" Vinyl
Record Company   Solitaire
Catalog #   509A & 509B
Year of Issue   1949
1   Old Man River - Bert Stone
2   I Want An Apartment - Bert Stone
3   Help Wanted - Bert Stone
4   Mamselle Veronica - Bert Stone
5   Cohen At The Telephone
Dangerous Jake The Plumber - Mike Sacks
6   On A Cocoanut Island - Dick Bukley
7   Making Whoopee - Ted Rolfe
Label Variations  
Misc. Notes   Lord Buckley, under the name "Dick Buckley", performs "On A Cocoanut Island", a novelty number Which was a popular hit by Louis Armstrong in 1936.

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