The Legendary Lord Buckley - Live In Concert
Album Title   The Legendary Lord Buckley - Live In Concert
Media   Audio Cassette
Record Company   A Bruce Mitchel Ignition for Paranoid Plastics
Catalog #   unknown
Year of Issue   1982
1   The Nazz
2   Horses Mouth
3   Black Cross
4   H. Bomb
5   God's Own Drunk
6   Willie the Shake
7   H.M. The Policeman

The Gasser

Misc. Notes  

A bootlog of Lord Buckley compiled from live tracks recorded at the Ivar Theatre in Hollywood, California and the Gold Nugget club in Oakland, California. The cassette was accompanied by a 12 X 12 card featuring Lord Buckley in pith helmet on one side and the liner notes on the other (see Images on the right). The label on the cassette itself is identical on both sides. If thereares A and B sides we do not no which it is. The liner notes are by C. P. Lee from Manchester, England who, as a young stud, did a wonderful Lord Buckley act trying mightily to hip the rather staid British public to the beauty and far out flip of The Lord. Please note that C. P. Lee gets a two facts wrong in his essay. The Lord was born in 1906 in Tuolumne, California and only moved to Stockton, California as a teenager.



Richard "Lord" Buckley was born in Stockton, California in 1907, and died in New York City in 1960......I between, the legendary comic's comic spent hist ime having a ball, living out a life style of hip swing which, even today would raise as many eyebrows as smiles.....Almost earning a living as a stand-up comic, Buckley drew his unique, rapid fire style, freewheeling jazz-scat way of performing from the people he lived and worked with..............gangsters, black jazz musicians, and street wise angels of the 'other America'

He sewed the seeds of American stand-up comedy, carried on after his death by such people as Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor..........His larger than life personality and total commitment to a hpster life style of 'fun, fun, fun', no matter the cost, make his mysterious death a sad reminder that Wetern Society does't put it's dissidents in mental homes or labour relentlessly crushes them through and overwhelming beaurocracy

C .P .Lee 1982