Sunday Brunch at The Lighthouse
Album Title   Sunday Brunch at the Lighthouse
Media   Compact Disc
Record Company   BGM Recordings
Catalog #   5021A.
Year of Issue   2011
1   Intro [1:05]
2   Sleep-Time Girl [2:32]
3   The Squirrel Gun [2:29]
4   Neurotic Crocodile and the Fink [5:20]
5   Murder [8:40]
6   Jorja Sweet and Kind [4:13]
7   The Origin of the Chastity Belt [9:02]
7   Saints and Jonah [11:54]
9   This Is a Stretch [2:42]
10   Anything [2:31]
11   Flowers [1:07]
12   Pied Piper [11:41]
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CD Insert Notes


Sunday Brunch

at the


Hermosa Beach

All the cats and Kitty's

were there, Harry the

Hipster his wife Chris

Carrigan, Lyle the wild

Griffen. Lady Buckley

And of course Princess

Laurie and me Crown

Prince Richard. It was

A gass. 1958 I was 7

Dig and double Dig