Blowing His Mind (and yours too)
Album Title   Blowing His Mind (and yours too)
Media   Vinyl LP
Record Company   World Pacific
Catalog #   WP-1849
Year of Issue   1966
1   Subconscious Mind
2   Fire Chief
3   Let It Down
4   Murder
5   The Gasser
6   Maharaja
7   Scrooge
Label Variations


Misc. Notes  

Recorded live at the Ivar Theater in Los Angeles, California, February 12, 1959 except "Maharaja" and "Scrooge" which were recorded in 1960 at Pacific Recorder studios. Re-released in Great Britain as Lord Buckley: Blowing His Mind (and yours too) by Fontana, 1966; # TL5396. Re-released in Great Britain as Lord Buckley: Blowing His Mind (and yours too) by Demon Verbals, Demon Verbals Ltd., 1985; # Verb 3.



To anyone who knew Lord Buckley well, this album will be an immediate treasure. For herein are those "moments of truth'' that reveal things that cannot be said about the man. No recordings to my knowledge (though I produced the first two) have captured so well the immediacy or the freedom as it has been here. The piece titled "Subconscious Mind" illustrates the ability he had to breeze in on a scene lightly-snap! Everyone's attention-then take you on his "trip." Though he was often pressed for a "moral" or "punch line" you knew you'd been somewhere when he finished. Lord Buckley has been gone some years now. Yet young entertainers are discovering him now as they always have; once it was Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee, now it's the Beatles. Barry McGuire used to imitate his records on the Troubador stage as have many others. He was before Lenny Bruce, Mod SahI, Dick Gregory et al. When his first album was made, there was no category it could be filed under. In a sense, he was a jazz comic. Jazz in the sense of improvisation on a theme-comic in that he certainly made people laugh. But his delight was that of dramatic story-teller, limited only by the audience's ability to stay with him. Lord Buckley laid the cornerstone for much that was to follow, for he encouraged the creative spirit-great or small. He touched an enormous number of lives and encouraged self respect, taught of the responsibility of respect for others, and preached love.