Riffs 1999


January 1999
Prince David And Sir Jason Tap The Jack Again

Reprising their positively swingin' Lowell, Mass Kerouac Festival collaboration, that Grand Beat Royal David Amram and the Gasser of Hip Oration Sir Jason Eisenberg trip the flip once more with Kerouac's Back: In the Spirit of Jack, a performance/spoken word/music extravaganza. Produced by New York poet Brian Hassett, it features David Amram & Friends, including the Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble with Jason Eisenberg. Also scheduled to appear are: Joyce Johnson, Ann Douglas, Tony Sampas, Frank Messina, Ed Adler and a host of others. Be there or sad drag it with the other Octagonheads.

###The Living Room%%%
84 Stanton Street (one block south of Houston, at the corner of Allen St.)
New York City, 10002

Wednesday, February 10th, 1999
7:30 PM till probably pretty late



March 1999
A Venerable Yet Still Swingin' Prince Takes a Cab
Del Close 1934 - 1999

Sadly, LBO reports that Del Close, actor, director, one of the founding fathers of Chicago's Second City comedy review swooped the satellite Thursday night March 4, 1999 at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Along with Severn Darden, Prince Close performed with Lord Buckley in a legendary evening of comedy in Chicago called "The Seacoast of Bohemia." This was in 1960, only a month or so before the Great Master himself flagged down transport to the Great Poppy field in the Vauns.

Prince Close appeared in seven movies including "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "The Blob". He is also the progenitor of two of the most beautiful expeditions into the Vinyl Jungle: "How to Speak Hip." and "The Do-It-Yourself Psychoanalysis Kit", the former a linguistic goof on his native tongue and the latter a triple goof on a scene too good for this sphere: Sigmund Freud meets The Prince of Denmark: "To slip or not to slip!"



March 1999
Lord Buckley Alive !

My Lords and My Ladies does this planet Swing! Count Tom Calagna that truly flip rascal, that gone and oh so hip mesmerizer, that channeler of All Things Buckley is hitting the boards again in LORD BUCKLEY . . . ALIVE! Calagna, backed by the melody and fine of the Jazz Orchestra of the Royal Court, blows and blows and blows Buckley's Best for the populance at The Westbeth Theatre Center in New York City . Man it is the scene of the scene of the scene of the scene. So make it, Daddy-o!!!! ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!

DIG THE REVIEWS: "Calagna is such an able and winning performer, he captures and makes Buckley‚s riffs sing. There is, in fact, a musical quality to them that he captures beautifully." Howard Kissel (New York Daily News)
"Seeing Calagna work the room at the intimate Monkey's Paw in the Village is to behold not merely a performer at the top of his game, but a Buckley oracle. A lot of fun is Calagna's interplay with the sharp jazz quartet led by drummer Joe Piazza. Jazz and poetry can be a dicey mix at best but this alchemy is a match made in Valhalla as sound and sensibility merge in rare harmony." Oliver Trager (Buckley Biographer)

Starring Tom Calagna
With Joe Piazza and the Orchestra of the Royal Court
Westbeth Theatre Center
151 Bank Street
Village, New York City Village Friday, September 25th at 9 PM
PRICE: $10 Cover
Box Office: (212) 741-0391
Ticketmaster (212) 307-7171

CONTACT: Joe Piazza (212) 942-4496; Fax (914) 969-7459



March 1999
Whack At The Classics

The Wandering Bishops will present "Lord Buckley Takes a Whack at the Classics" at noon Saturday, April 8, at Friends Coffee House in Tuolumne, Lord Buckley's home town. The program will include live jazz and readings from Buckley's "hip" renditions of classic literature. Admission is free.



May 1999
Lord Buckley Powers Ahead

M'Lords and M'Ladies, the nobility of the gentility is alive and anticipating a swingin' party riff and a ceremony to swell the ticker into a great cathedral head of beauty, and Your Grace is hereby invited!

A couple of choruses north of Gotham City lies the beautiful Catskill mountains, wherein one will find the sweet pad of a jumpin' radio station called WJFF. Their large love filled charge beams a supremely swirled electronic Lindy Hop throughout the hipest peaks in New York State. On August 7th they are hosting a "Buckley Day" and Open House with celebration and tours of the station, the hydroplant and "Lord Buckley", a 1918 diesel electric generator, (the station's backup - for those times when things get way on out there to Laititude 444 and Longitude 777.)And let me hip thee the guest list really swings: Jazz Master and friend of His Lordship David Amram will be performing his opus "An Ode to Lord Buckley", Grand Prince Oliver Trager, the cat with the hippest quill and ink, will let fly with some delicately embroidered yet most regal comments, and performers Prince Mikhail Horowitz and Count Tom Calagna will fill the air with The Lord of Flip Manor's most elegant semantic units. Filmmaker Michael Monteleone will be screening selected segments of "Amuse of Fire", his documentary about Lord Buckley. Prince Malcolm Brown (the head generator wig), informs us that rumors are also flying about that NPRs Daniel Pinkwater and P.D.Q. Bach alter ego Peter Schickele may make the scene. And this multi-colored, beautifully balanced circus riff will be broadcast live on WJFF from 1:30pm to 4pm.For those of you that need a little more straightening please avail your hipself of the following intelligence reports:

PO Box 797
Jeffersonville, New York 12748
(914) 482-4141
contact: Christine Ahern - wjff@catskill.net

or Malcolm Brown: [not an acive link]

DIRECTIONS TO JEFFERSONVILLE (Courtesy of His Grace Malcolm Brown)

Here are some particular directions to get to Jeffersonville and our driveway, along with more general directions from our county Chamber, on how to get to our part of the Catskills. The exit numbers on Rte 17 (a.k.a. The Quickway) will be in descending order, and you want to go as far as Exit #100. That's also Rte 52, also Liberty. You want to take Rte 52 going West, follow it through downtown Liberty (it turns left at second stoplight). Follow on Rte 52 for 11 miles, going through small villages on the way. You'll arrive in Jeffersonville, where Rte 52 becomes Main St. You'll see the lake on your left as you enter town. The driveway (to the left, downhill) leads both to WJFF studios and to Jeffersonville Hydro, at the foot of the dam.This driveway is about 1/4 mi. after you've passed the sign "Jeffersonville" and has a pair of small signs saying "WJFF" and "Jeff Hydro" at the roadside. We'll have balloons at the spot, Lat. 444, Long. 777.If you pass a small farm-market called "Duke's Farm Market" on your left, you've overshot the driveway by about 100 yards.

You can see a map of the county, with Rte 17 running northwesterly through it, and Exit 100 not far from the middle.



May 1999
Knockin' on that S.O.S.'n Bell Pretty Hard

SQUAWK COFFEEHOUSE is pleased to announce a benefit for legendary composer and conductor, David Amram, on Thursday, June 29, 2000 at the Harvard Epworth Methodist Church, 1555 Mass. Ave., Harvard Square, Cambridge, beginning at 9:00 p.m to 12 mid., doors open at 8:30 p.m. Suggested donation is $10.00; for more info call (617) 868-3661.

he headliner act features spoken word artist JASON EISENBERG with his unique brand of The Lord Buckley Channel with back-up music by the JAZZ ORCHESTRA of the ROYAL COURT. Other performers will include WILLIE ALEXANDER's underground music icon; EERO RUUTILLA, nationally recognized organic farmer/poet; BROTHER BLUE, world famous Cambridge-based storyteller; VOLKER NAHRMAN, jazz bassist and long-time collaborator with Amram; KATE MANNYNG, celestial Celtic harpist, SCOTT PITTMAN from Lowell-based The Shods, and KATT HERNANDEZ on electric violin. Noted poets will also be featured, among them: RICHARD CAMBRIDDE, LEE "Coffeehouse Ange" KIDD, long-time blues poet; STEVE HEMENWAY, illuminating jazz poet; poetess MARY CLAIRE WELLINGER and writer MARK FISHER, two Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival coordinators; JESSA "Mo Po" LYNN, and MICK "Professor of Surrealism" CUSIMANO.

Proceeds of this event will go to David Amram, his wife Lora Lee, and their three children, Alana, Adira, and Adam whose Peekskill, New York home was destroyed by fire. The fire occurred in October 1999, and the home was uninsured, so they are rebuilding from scratch due to the extensive damage.

David Amram's musical career began when he first moved to Greenwich Village in the early 1950's, and began playing jazz with classic bebop musicians, and became acquainted with Jack Kerouac at the old Five Spot. In Spring 1959, David wrote the musical score to the class Beat film "Pull My Daisy" starring Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Peter Orlovsky.

First appointed composer-in-residence with the New York Philharmonic in 1966-67, the Boston Globe described David Amram as "the Remaissance man of American music." Composer of over 100 orchestral and chamber works, and two operas, he is renown as a jazz and classicalmulti-instrumentalist who has toured from Brazil to Cuba, from Kenya to Egypt, and has appeared extensively on national television and radio. He has collaborated with Leonard Bernstein, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Charles Mingus, Dustin Hoffman, Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Oscar Pettiford, Willie Nelson, Betty Carter, Odetta, Arthur Miller, and Tito Puente. In 1994, David was part of the NYU-sponsored Beat Generation Conference at Town Hall and has featured since at the annual Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival in October.

David and Lora Lee are active in community and global events. Loss of their home is a loss to us all. A benefit was held in January at the Tarrytown Music Hall in Tarrytown, N.Y. organized by Pete and Toshi Seeger and other friends. Another was held earlier this month at St. Mark's Church in Manhattan, courtesy of the Poetry Project in New York City. We hope that the Amram family's friends in greater Boston and Lowell will also show support in David and Lora Lee's time of need.

Squawk Cofeehouse at Harvard Epworth Church
1555 Mass. Ave., Cambridge,MA
(next to Harvard Law School's Pound Hall,
across from the Cambridge Common
at the Harvard Square end of Mass Ave)


A tighter view of Lord Buckley, the little diesel that swing [not an active link]



May 1999
The Lord Returns To Tuolumne

The humor of Tuolumne, California native Lord Buckley, as performed by local resident David Allen Simerley, will be featured at Hampton House Florist during this year's Lumber Jubilee in Tuolumne. Shows will run at various times throughout the day, June 25-28.

A flower, gift and espresso shop, Hampton House is located on the corner of Pine and Chestnut in Tuolumne's old downtown, the very spot where Buckley got his start in show business.His Lordship was born Richard Myrle Buckley in 1906, as a child he sang on the streets for spare change with his sister Nell. Later he worked as a logger before striking out for the Texas oilfields in the mid-1920's. While in Texas this strapping young stud was bitten by the bug of show business, and thankful for all of us, he never recovered.

For more information please contact Orin Holland at :holland@sonnet.com



June 1999
The Lord Jumps The Pond

The Lord of Flip Manor is the subject of a feature article in Britain's premier folk magazine FROOTS (for Folk Roots Magazine.) The article, Tongue Dancer, is authored by none other than the publications chief protocol wig, editor Ian Anderson.

The feature is part of the Aug/Sept 20th anniversary issue of FROOTS hitting the streets around July 22, 1999. An advanced copy of the text was provided to LBO and let me hip thee, it is a swingin', jumpin' narrative and a feast of quotes from noble cats and kitties including Lady Laurie Buckley , Rambling Jack Elliot and singer Lady Dorris Henderson (who's deep soul well ebony pipes graced the likes of "The Nazz" and "Black Cross" during Lord Buckley's legendary Ivar concert recordings.) The scholarship of Princes Oliver Trager and Doug Cruickshank is much in evidence and graciously credited. So make the text scene with this precious gift from those swingin' cats across the pond.


Jump the Pond! (FROOTS website)





July 1999
Prince Henzel Flips The Bugbird

Prince Richard Henzel, will be gracing Marc Smith's Uptown Poetry Slam on Sunday, August 22 at 8PM at Chicago's famouse Green Mill bar.

With original music and a rockin' 88's performance by that musical mad beat daddy Jonathan Menchin, Henzel, recently featured as Lord Buckley in Chicago's Prop Theatre premier of Charles Pike's play "The Seven Ply Gasser", will offer a gone rendidtion of "The Bugbird", His Lordships nod to swingin' Eddie Allen Poe's magnificent torch "The Raven".Did the milkman come yet? Dig the scene, daddy-o!!!

The Green Mill
Corner of Lawrence & Broadway
Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, August 22 8P



August 1999
The Manchurian Candidate & The Eisenberg

Manchurian Swingmeister David Amram brings it on back with a K.E.R.O.U.A.C & Sir Jason E. summons Lord Buckley to the fore...........further on up the road at the 12th annual Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival [with Robert Creeley], Lowell MA Sept. 30-Oct 2, 1999.

Find out all about The Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival at:http://www.floweringcity.org/lck/Look on the website Schedule for these events where David Amram & Sir Jason E.will conjur Lord Buckley unto the populance:

AZTEC RADIO -stellar musical lineup,regional&national poets

-IMPROV WITH AMRAM-local poetics&jazz & tons of other once-in-a-lifetime events.



August 1999
Lord Buckley Swings It Up In Grass Valley

The Northern California Center of the Arts in Grass Valley, California (in the Sierra Foothills east of Sacramento) is sponsoring the Second Annual Lord Buckley Festival. Master of Ceremonies is the legendary folksinger Utah Phillips who will reign over and rein in the horde of hip poets (including slam veteran John Barbato recently published in ZYZZYVA) and swinging musicians with Special Guest (all the way from Las Vegas) Lady Laurie Buckley.

The event will be held Saturday, September 26th starting at 7pm at the Northern California Center of the Arts (NCCA) 314 Main Street, Grass Valley, CA, 95945. (530) 274-8384. Tickets are $8, they can be ordered by phone and are available at the center and at local bookstores. Special thanks to Lady Miriam Morris for hipping us to this seven ply gasser!

For more information
call John Barbato at (530)265-8757.



September 1999
Lord Buckley Makes It With The Bad Girrls

Prince Ian Thal has tapped the LBO wig and hipped us to a happening riff: The fine chicks and fine studs of Bad Girrls Studios in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts (a most exquisite pad for digging sounds and pictures) are putting together a glorious shindig in honor of His Royal Hipness. They are sending out a sweet clarion call to all the hep cats and kitties beseeching them to lend out any exotic vinyl platters and film strips and other crazy ring ding things so they can blow some multimedia jazz for the flipsters and hipsters and the yet to be hipped and flipped.

Dig this quote from the Good Prince Ian, "Not a fin to get in, but if you slip us some green so we can keep putting down the scene, well that'd be real cool. Dig?Now if you fine cats and kitties want to make the soiree swingin' we are sounding a beat for any fine wax or filmstrips you can kick to us so we can all flip out like seventeen carnivals takin' off. We'll kick it all back to you."

Here's the skinny:
November 6th, 1999
Bad Girrls Studios' Tribute to Lord Buckley
Bad Girrls Studios
209 Green Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130