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Published October 16, 2017
Hand Picked Studs and Stallions
Drew Freidman swings beyond the fences

Drew Freidman has been called America's greatest living portrait artist. His talent as a draughtsman and artist is unquestionable. His steady hand moves about a blank piece of paper drawing forth life and life force. It is a process, no doubt, of both years of practice and a magnificent gift from who knows where.

He conjures many things in his work combining elements that provoke mystery, pathos, humor, context and that most elusive of elements: engagement. You want to poke your nose into his depictions. You want to decipher the subject's placement, the backgrounds and the various objects within the frame. It is a treasure hunt with delightful wins for everyone.

Mr. Frieidman's latest offering is "Drew Freidman's Chosen People", a gorgeous hardcover, 136 page book with both black and white and color images published by that stalwart champion of cartoonists Fantagraphics. The first edition will be available December 12, 2017 from Amazon and others. The subjects of this swingin' opus include both the famous and infamous. You will discover, amongst others, Muddy Waters (the cat on the jacket), Johnny Cash, Redd Fox, Hilary Clinton and, hang on my brothers and sisters, The Lord himself.

For a sneak peek of His Lordship click here.

My advice to Thee, Beloveds, grab this tome and take it home!