RIFFS 2016
59E59 Theater Info
Published December 18, 2016
Appointment With Annointment
Jake Broders Hips Us To The Lord Again

Beloveds, in a blatant affront to the gold gilded escalator descent of humanity; in a nose thumbing gesture to the oncoming turd shirts; and despite the evidence that this great swingin' sphere may soon become an overflowing ashtray, a veteran channeler of The Lord, Jake Broder, is planting flowers of Laughter, Love and Hipness that we all should pray spreads beyond Gotham like a magic garden to embrace our sweet Cherryland and beyond.

Broder, in glorious tux and tails, lays out the Word of The Lord for all of you True Faith cats and kitties to dig deeply in his latest offering “His Royal Hipness Lord Buckley”. Directed by David Ellenstein, Broder is ably accompanied by his hip sidekick Michael Lanahan and backed by the regal musical trio of Mark Hartman, Brad Russell, and Daniel Glass.

Those of you in need of a Lord Buckley fix, and those of you who just want a light filled night out prior to the great looming question mark should make it down to New York's 59E59 Theaters sometime between December 6, 2016 and January 1, 2017. See the links for the theater address and show dates/times.

And swingin' citizens always remember: The Lord never disappoints. He annoints!!