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Published September 19, 2016
Dig The Infinite Loop
Trager Conjures The Lord

Oliver Trager, is a cat with so much diggage he hardly needs an introduction. But for those few cats and kitties that are not in the know: he is the author of, amongst other lofty tomes, “Dig Infinity!” the one and only published biography of Our Sainted and Sweetly Tainted Lord Buckley. But his interests extend beyond the printed word into the realm of gesture and speech, timing and projection, into the infinitely nuanced explorations of the Motha of all Elevated and Frightening Primates: HUMAN BEINGS. In other words he digs The Theatre.

The Theatre is, Our Lord declared on many an occasion, a form of worship and a dangerous undertaking. So, when His Grace Oliver Trager proceeds to meld his vast knowledge of the Lord with his hook for the stage one is not surprised that both his words and his corporal avatar are to be discovered, on occasion, in front of a live audience.

Longwinded preambles aside, LBC would like to announce that Oliver Trager is once again hitting the boards with his play “Dig Infinity!” the winner of the 2014 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Outstanding Adaptation award. This performance will be part of the Brooklyn’s inaugural Art Slope fest.

To quote from the advanced intelligence for the show:

[Dig Infinity!] is an immersive theatrical experience celebrating the legacy of Lord Buckley (1906-1960), cult jazz comedian, visionary storyteller/philosopher, hipster saint and premier beatnik rapper. Best known for transforming Bible stories, Shakespeare soliloquies, myth, legend and history into one-of-a-kind hip-talk monologues combining black street argot and the King’s English into a jazzy patois and worldview that anticipated psychedelia and rap by decades. “Jonah & The Whale,” “The Hip Gahn,” “Scrooge,” “Hipsters, Flipsters & Finger-Poppin’ Daddies,” and “The Nazz” are just a few of his hallmark monologues that are the stuff of bohemian fable.”

Also on the inside wire is the news that Trager will be playing the regal lead role and his able consort will be well known, Big Apple musician John Kruth. Sir John will also be contributing his own delightful airs to the program.

So dig the skinny and make the scene:

Dig Infinity!
Saturday 9/24 @ 5pm.
Free Admission!
Berkeley-Carroll School
Seminar Room
152 Sterling Place
Brooklyn, NY