RIFFS 2016
Published August 25, 2016
Kosti's Kavalcade of Komedians

You Buckley cats and kitties that dig the infinite variation on The Tome might wish to get hip to an effort by Richard Kostelanetz titled "Kosti's Comedians". Published in 2014, it consists of four sections each dedicated to (depending on your definition) four comedians or three comedians and a United States president. The four persons presented are Lord Buckley, Groucho Marx, Al Kelly and Abraham Lincoln.

It is hard to pin down the exact nature and/or style of this book as there is intense variation and experimentation going on. Perhaps the promotional description provided by Amazon.com will give you a little taste.

"Kosti’s Comedians contains four chapbooks, each appreciating a favorite American comedian in a different way: Al Kelly, Lord Buckley, Groucho Marx, and Abe Lincoln. Among the moves are reworking their classic texts, annotating favorite lines, and imitating."

In the case of Lord Buckley, Kostelanetz evidently employs some kind of random word scrambler to provide the reader with 19 variations and one "straight" version of "The Hip Ghan". It is not known if the author is a fan of William Burroughs "cut up" technique, but what appears on the printed page seems to be at least indirectly related to what Burroughs did all these long years ago. The Lincoln section employs this method as well.

The book is available on ebay and Amazon. See links to connect.

Kosti's Comedians
by Richard Kostelanetz
published in 2014 by Archae Editions
230 pages

ISBN-10: 1937401618
ISBN-13: 978-1937401610