RIFFS 2016
Beyond Baroque
Published February 25, 2016
Her Majesty Speaks

Lady Laurie Buckley, titular top hub cap of the known Realm of The Lord will be laying down some very hip semantic units this coming Sunday (February 28th) at Beyond Baroque, the storied story of the LA literary riff. Accompanied by her buddy cat Lee Boek, Her Maj will be present “Diggin' It Harder – Stories of Lord Buckley” starting at 6PM in the library at BB.

Those of you So. Cal hipsters that really want to get with The Lord should make the Bee Line to this event as it is as close as you are ever likely to come to the Mitochondrial Glory that is the Buckley Gene Pool. Chromosomes aside, you are still in for a treat as Lady Laurie is a treasured trove of first person tales concerning her swingin' parents, Lord and Lady Buckley. You may well learn a thing or three. Info below, beloveds.

Many thanks to Roger Mexico, the Wizard of Oaxaca for hipping us to the latest charge on the Inside Wire.

"Diggin' It Harder - Stories of Lord Buckley"
Sunday, February 28th at 6PM - Beyond Baroque Library

Beyond Baroque
681 N. Venice Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
Ph: 310-822-3006
Fax: 310-821-0256