[ca. 1490/1507 – ca. 1557/1559]

Spanish explorer circa 1528 AD. He was stranded in the New World for 8 years. Had extraordinary adventures crossing the vast and cruelly beautiful North American continent. In turns, he was captive, slave and finally celebrated healer purported to raise the dead using nothing but his faith in his God. At one time thousands of Native Americans followed him from village to village. De Vaca, through his travels and travails obtained a humility rare amongst the Conquistadors.

Author Henry Miller introduced Lord Buckley to Cabeza De Vaca by gifting him a book of the Conquistador's advenurs. Most likey he gave Buckley a copy of Haniel Long's 1936 work "Interlinear to Cabeza de Vaca". Translation of Cabeza de Vaca's journal is available in book form in this country, it is titled "Adventures in the Unknown Interior". Buckley pays tribute to Cabenza in The Gasser.

Special thanks to the intrepid Mike Weaver for the information on the "Interlinear".

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VENET, NIK (Prince Nik)
[1936 - 1998]

A legendary Los Angeles record producer. As a producer he discovered and/or produced, among many others, The Beach Boys, The Lettermen, Lou Rawls, Glen Campbell, Linda Ronstadt, Harriet Schock, Les McCann, Jim Croce, Dory Previn, Frank Zappa, John Stewart, Fred Neil, Rick Nelson, Gene Vincent, Wendy Waldman, The Walker Brothers, Sam Cook and Bobby Darin.

Nik was a talented and highly motivated young assistant at World Pacific Records in the 1950s when Lord Buckley blew into his life. Working under owner/producer Richard Boch, Nik helped produce recording sessions that eventually became some of the most famous albums in the Buckley canon. His responsibilities included getting Lord Buckley down to the recording studio each night after His Lordship finished his gig at the Club Renaissance. Nik has produced over 300 albums. Recently he produced a 4 CD box set of singer Bobby Darin's work. In 1997 he was heard on Fresh Air talking with host Terry Gross about Bobby Darin's music and their close friendship. Regrettably the Good Prince swooped the satellite on January 2, 1998.

VERNON, MILLIE (Lady Renaissance)
[1924 - 2009]

Jazz singer extraordinaire, married to Dick Zalud (Prince Owlhead), she and the good Prince knew Buckley both in the scene in Los Angeles and later in New York City. Check out the Speak The Jive section at this web site for an interview with Prince Owlhead and Lady Renaissance.

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