T., MR.

Lord Buckley's name for the Treasurer of the United States during World War II. Check out Mr. T's cool environs in The Hip Einie.

[1912 - 2008]

Author and radio interviewer. In August of 1960 Studs Turkel interviewed Lord Buckley for his show on WFMT, Chicago. Both Buckley and Terkel shine in this memorable interview.

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An interview with the interviewer

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[1929 ? - 1983 ?]

Proprietor of the Jazz Gallery in New York City, Buckley was performing there at the time that his Caberet License was revoked in November of 1960.

[1912 - 2006]

Her Royal Swingin' Majesty Elaine Thomasen is Lord Buckley's first cousin. Lady Elaine, firmly enthroned in her hilltop castle in the Santa Cruz area, is still cutting the Royal Rug and spreading bouquets of joy with her great humor, beautiful watercolor artwork and her vivid memories of her most unique relative. The Grand Dame and Keeper of the High Hip Flame of His Lordship's generous and bright eyed spirit will be 90 on May 29 of 2002. LBO is gassed by her presence on the sphere.

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[1929 - 2003]

In the late 1960's, he managed jazz talents like Kenny Burrell, Ahmad Jamal and Johnny Hartman. He had the memorable experience of meeting and sharing the righteous bush with Lord Buckley during His Lordship's last gig ever at the Jazz Gallery in New York City. Although he been a resident of Seattle since December 1978, Ted was a born, bred and convinced New Yorker. He had been an advertising executive, truck driver, commodity options salesman, addiction counselor and acting teacher. He was a friend of David Amram. He was known to have been working on his autobiography, Red, White and Black. It is not know if he completed the work.


[1953 - 2016]

Gregory Toliver is a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania native with the joy of the rhythm of the beat of the ponce of Now coursing through his modest veins. The cat read humanties and music at Oxford, can recite Shakespeare at will and has a barrel of insights into life, liberty and the pursuit of meaning. His exposure to Lord Buckley goes back to his teenage years and his favorite uncle. Today he runs a corporate computer networking installation business in Southern California and is a writer of excellent short stories.


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Biographer - The King of the Buckleyheads. Oliver has an extraordinary collection of taped interviews, rare recordings, countless articles, advertisements, and other memoribilia concerned with Lord Buckley. He has recently finished an exhaustive biography of His Lordship culled from interviews of many people that knew or were influenced by Lord Buckley. His article Stompin' the Sweet Swingin' Sphere! appears at this web site. Trager hosts a yearly evening of Buckley appreciation in New York City. When not embarked on the search for the Buckley Graille, he is most content when with his wife Elaine and son Cole.

L I N K S:

Prince Oliver wigs the Gathered with The Gasser

Prince Oliver lays in on with Black Cross

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