[1740 - 1814]

Famous and controversial French author and asylum inmate, known for his penchant for rather extreme sexual fore, during and after play. The Marquis is the inspiration for the word "sadism.", Lord Buckley whips up a wild story about "The Mark" and some of his buddy cats in The Bad-Rapping of the Marquis d' Sade - The King of the Bad Cats.


Read Lord Buckley's The Bad-Rapping of the Marquis de Sade at LBC

[1919 - 2004]

Grover Sales was a tireless champion of jazz and jazz related topics. He was on the faculty of The Jazzschool and supplied the Bay Area with a wealth of published articles for 50 plus years. He was known for having strong opinions and for being a delightful contrarian, however he might disagree with that assessement.

Writer Doug Cruicshank laid this on us from Leah Garchik's March 8th column in the S.F. Chronicle: "P.P.S. Cultural historian and critic Grover Sales used to carry a card to leave in restaurants where music was played that he didn't like. "If we ate what we listened to,'' said the card, "we'd all be dead.'' Sadly, eighty four year old Grover Sales died on Valentine's Day of 2004. It was kidney failure and not musically based ecoli that carried him off.

L I N K S:

Check out Grover's Interview here at LBC


Buckley interpreter Tony's adroit grasp of Buckley's vocal tour de force The Train was much in evidence at the 90th Buckley Birthday Bash on April 12, 1996.

L I N K S:

Check out Tony blowing The Train


The world's greatest standup academician, Barry Sanders is currently a professor at Pitzer College in Claremont, California and a prolific author of books that stretch the known boundaries of practiced credulity. At 14 he talked both his father and the doorman into letting him attend a performance at an obscure nightclub in Hollywood called "Cosmo Alley". The performer? Lord Buckley. At eighteen, obssessed with comedy, Sanders struck up a friendship with Lenny Bruce attending 35 performances of Lenny's in as many days. After each night's show Barry and Lenny would spend half the night discussing the show, comedy and talking about everything else under the hipster moon. Also, at 18 he was a witness to the swingin', jumpin' mad beat ledgendary concert that Lord Buckley gave at the Ivar Theater.

A lover of words and language his whole life, Sanders recently was nominated for the Pulizer Prize by Harper Magazine for his latest book "Alienable Rights: The Exclusion of African Americans in a White Man's Land, 1619-2000". In 1994 Sanders received his first Pulizer nomination from Randow House for his book "A is for Ox: Violence, Electronic Media, and the Silencing of the Written Word." He has also written a gasser of a tome titled "Sudden Glory: Laughter as Subversive History".

L I N K S:

Dig Barry's interview here at LBC


Co-founder of the Lord Buckley Memorial Celebration held in Southern California. There have been seven celebrations so far and they have drawn many gleeful Buckley aficionados. Mark is also one half of the mythical Ineffable Brothers.


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SCROOGE, EBENEZER (Ol' Scroogie Scrooge)

The tighest of the skinflint studs at the very heart of penury, is the original creation of a long winded cat you might have heard named Charles Dickens. Scrooge is the main character in Dicken's classic novel "A Christmas Carol." His Lordship manages to condense the lengthy tome into a breathless eight minute rocket ship ride that culminates in ol' Scroogie Scrooge becoming "the Lord's sweet boy." Those of you who know the original will be gassed by this treatment.


Author and editor . Gene Sculatti is Director of Special Issues for Billboard magazine. He is the editor of The Catalog Of Cool (1982, Warner Books) and Too Cool (St. Martin's Press, 1993), and is the co-author, with Davin Seay, of `San Francisco Nights: The Psychedelic Music Trip 1965-1968 (St. Martin's Press, 1985). From1984 to 1987, he was the producer and co-host of the music-and-comedy radio series The Cool & The Crazy on National Public Radio's KCRW-FM, Santa Monica, Calif. Gene's article Hipster Saint Lord Buckley is available at this web site.

L I N K S:

Read Gene Sculatti's Hipster Saint Lord Buckley at LBC

SERVICE, ROBERT (Bobby Service)
[1874 - 1958]

This swingin' wordsmith is most famous for his Yukon inspired poetry. Hn fact he was dubbed "the Bard of the Yukon". His Lordship found inspiration in one of Service's poems "The Shooting of Dan McGrew". Buckley translated it into the Hipsemantic and it can be found below in the Transcriptions section of The Word here at LBC.

L I N K S:

"The Ballad of Dan McGroo"
a Robert Service website

SETTERHOLM, ELDON (The Earl of Eldon)

Eldon worked in Hollywood at the Technicolor Labs in the '50s. It was during this period that he happened upon The Lord performing in a club where he'd gone to get a hit of jazz music. Put off at first by The Lord's style he eventually got with it and became a champion for Lord Buckley. Eldon organized a number of concerts and took care of the ticket taking and publicity. He has numerous stories of Lord Buckley and still has a soft spot in his heart for the Great Swinger.

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[1564 - 1616]

When people think of England they think of The Beatles and William Shakespeare (not necessarily in that order). Shakespeare was/is the preeminent playwright of the British classical theatre. Buckley renamed him Willie the Shake and created an extraordinary paraphrase of Marc Antony's Funeral Oration from Julius Ceasar, producing perhaps the longest and wildest literary tether the world has ever seen.

L I N K S:

The Complete Works of Willie the Shake

Read Lord Buckley's Willie the Shake at LB


The Air Force officer that picked His Lordship up and drove him to Palmdale, CA for his one and only maniac's twist jet ride. Read about Captain Shalleck in Buckley Describes First Ride in a Jet! availabe at this website.

L I N K S:

Read Lord Buckley's Buckley Describes First Ride in a Jet! at LB


Director and producer. Mr. Shepard's work includes directing and acting in a variety of legitimate theater productions and numerous Mime shows (many perfomed at the Mark Taper Forum). He was the director, co-author and co-producer of Lord Buckley's Finest Hour, starring John Sinclair and produced in conjunction with Lord Buckley's eldest son Frederick L. Buckley. Don't miss the Richmond Shepard Interview at this website.

L I N K S:

Check out Sir Richmond's appearance at the 90th Buckley Birthday Bash

Read Richmond Shepard's Interview at LBC

[1924 - 2005]

Bobby Short was a singer and pianist, the very definition of tuxedo elegance and velvet sophistication, and a perennial icon of the Big Apple cabaret scene.

It was at the Blue Angel club in NYC sometime in the 1940s that Short was treated to the regal attention of Lord and Lady Buckley.

Here's a quote from Oliver Trager's interview of Bobby for the book Dig Infinity!:

"I will always be thankful for the generosity he showed that night for a young kid up there trying to make it. And he brought up the audience's applause, which was wonderful for me.

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Tuolumne City historian with a keen interest in Lord Buckley. Simerley has documented a number of actual sites in and around Tuolumne that figure in the Buckley story. These sites include the family homestead, the Carter Cemetary, the south fork of the Tuolumne River and the front of the local pharmacy where the young Dick Buckley and his sister Nell supposedly busked for the local miners and lumbermen.

Simerely also performs Lord Buckley routines with his performing group The Traveling Bishops.

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[1915 - 1998]

Superstar singer, Sinatra was reportedly a big fan of Buckley's (even to the point of bowing when the two would meet) until Buckley, in the buff, lead a contingent, also in the buff, through the lobby of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Evidently this event got under The Chairman's skin and Buckley's name was taken off the short list.


English film and stage actor, he played the title role in Richmond Shepard's Lord Buckley's Finest Hour, produced by Frederick L. Buckley. He has appeared with the Royal Shakespeare Company and at The Bristol Old Vic. His film credits include X Y AND ZEE with Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Caine.

[1913 - 1997]

A star of stage, screen and television. Skelton and Buckley shared the stage in the Walkathons in the Midwest in the '30s.

SLUGWELL, GOVERNOR (Governor Gulpwell)
[1917 - 2007]

A "magnificent political deity" in a routine of the same name by Lord Buckely.


Read Lord Buckley's Governor Slugwell at LB


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[1943 - 2010]

DJ, voice over artist and computer visual artist, Robert O. worked as a DJ in the 60's,70's and 80's in Seattle on KJR-KOL-KVI and Is working voice over in Vancouver B.C.-- Greatly influenced by Lord Buckley..many of Robert O.'s roots geographically were much the same as Buckley's ancestors IE: Auburn Calif. Placer County and Seattle..Robert O. uses ZBrush to do his pictures of his Royal Hipness. Prince Robo's fine virtual brush work can be found in The Royal Gallery section at LBC.


The Royal Gallery

Animations of bent imagination called croodloops can be seen at his personal website http://www.robertosmith.com (sorry inactive website)

[1932 - 2007]

Owner and operator of a club in Laguna Beach, California named the "Blue Beet", 1959/60. His Lordship made the scene one night, requested employment and was immediately put to work delighting the populance. Prince Soffer says that The Lord also was the presiding host of a series of chicken dinners at the club. His most vivid memory is seeing Lord Buckley in profile back lit by a club light his face veiled in swirling cigarette smoke.


Actor, creator and performer of his own one man show Are You There? A Hip History Lesson On The Life Of Lord Buckley , Speiser also created a one man show show based on Lenny Bruce called The World of Lenny Bruce


Actor, voice over artist, recording producer and former host of Los Angeles radio program The Roger Steffens Show on KCRW, Los Angeles. In 1988 Steffens hosted three one hour shows about Buckley featuring Buckley appreciations from Dr. Oscar Janiger, Dr. Jim Macy, Doug Boyd, and John Hostetter. Steffens skill at making his guest feel at ease and his own love of Buckley made the three hours of the show seem far too short. Roger's latest project is an interactive CD that takes an in-depth look at the early career of musician Bob Marley.

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STEMPEK, WALT (Prince Voltaire)

Buckley discographer and archivist ,Walt Stempek is also the author of the Goldmine Magazine article "A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat". The article examines the life of Lord Buckley and has a great deal of information about the various release of his material.


LBC Discography
A Most Immaculatey Hip Aristocrat

SULLIVAN, ED (Lord Edward)
[1902 - 1974]

New York newspaper theatre critic who hosted one of the most famous variety shows in television history. Sullivan is responsible for hipping us to the two B's: The Beatles and Buckley. Buckley appeared on two of Ed Sullivan's variety shows: The Toast of the Town and The Ed Sullivan Show performing his wild chairs bit and a straight version of Robert Services poem The Shooting of Dan McGrew. He and Sullivan became friends while doing shows for the troops during World War II.


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