As a singer/songwriter Brian QTN (some others write his last name as "Cutean") is hard to coax into a slot. This is also true of him as human being for he is kalidiscopic in his interests and the way those interests are expressed through his guitar, voice and persona. In terms of his lyrics the word whimsy comes to mind. But whimsy is but a shill to lure you into his lair where you soon come to realize that what you are hearing is anything but Chinese food for your soul. Brian deftly and sweetly performed his own composition "Hipsemantic Centennial" at the 2006 Centennial Hiparama Celebration of His Lordship's brief turn on the sphere. Dig the links below:

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RIFFS - Report from Portland
Brian's lyrics for "Hipsemantic Centennial
Pics from the 2006 Portland Hiparama show
Brian's own website


The archtypal character from what many consider to be the first modern western culture novel "The history of that ingenious gentleman, Hildalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha" written by Spaniard Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in 1605. Don Quixote was a man who, in his country retirement, some how cooked his wig reading too many books. He then sallied forth to right all wrongs in the world and made quite a mess in the attempt. He was a knight errant and the primary source for an animated film by Harold Humes titled "Don Peyote", which originally was slated to star Lord Buckley as the voice of Don Quixote. Richard Buckley Jr., in a 1992 interview with Skip E. Lowe, refers to his father as a Quixotic type character.


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