Opthalmologist and friend of Lord Buckley, he is a Buckley scholar and regaled radio listeners with Buckley stories on Roger Steffans three part radio series on Buckley.




[1928 - 2006]

Sax player and Hollywood Club owner. Jimmie helped kept a little bread on Lord Buckley's table in the middle '50s by hiring His Lordship to do an extended engagement at his Hollywood club the Sandbar. Jimmie and his band also backed Lord Buckley on many an occasion. "We were part of his act." says Jimmy. present Jimmie's last club in Glendale, California was called the Capri . He also wrote a column for Jim Philbrook's record magazine, Record Convention News.

L I N K S:

Jimmie Maddin's website

MARLOWE, VAUGHN (Prince Vaughn)
[1929 - 2017]

Poet and playwright. Marlowe had the pleasure, half a dozen times, of His Lordship's company in Palo Alto in 1960. Once, when answering a knock on his door by His Majesty, he was greeted with the words "Lay a roach on the Lord". Prince Vaughn also "performed" Black Cross with Joan Baez one supremely fuzzy night around a campfire in Carmel, California in 1966. Please check out the interview with Prince Vaughn at this web site.


Vaughn Marlowe Interview


Jazz musician who wrote a radio musical called The Naz: A Bebop Drama; working on another radio production about Christ's birth called Lil' Naz.



[1950 - 2015]

Bay Area poet and firmly ensconced landlord. Whitman's work includes the beautiful rap video White Folks Was Wild Once Too. His poetry can be experienced lobewise at spokenwar.com. And please read Whitman's Hipsemantic version of King David at this web site on the Faux For All page.

L I N K S:

Read Little Davy Hepstar at LBC

Dig The Whit home style at whitmanmcgowan.com

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MCGUIRE, TERRY (Prince Cougarhead)

a friend of Lord Buckley's upon whom His Lordship bestowed "Standing Lessons". According to Prince Eaglehead (Ed Randolph) Prince Cougarhead was in the delivery business. And Prince Owlhead (Dick Zalud), in an interview with LBC curator Michael Monteleone was quoted as saying, "Now there was a guy there, he had a head just like, I swear to God, a cougar. And he was Cougarhead."



MEXICO, ROGER (Marquis De Mexico)

Actor, writer, composer, filmmaker, choreographer of large ferry boats - Roger Mexico is currently working with LBC curator Michael Monteleone on "Too Hip For The Room"a documentary film about Lord Buckley. He is also president of Atelier Lumiere De Couer, a multimedia company based in San Pedro, California. Known for his unique filming techniques, and his always insightful, heart centered interview questions Mexico is a renaissance man in the guise of a whirling Sufi mystic madman. He is the inventor of the Jimmy Stick™ and credited with improving the performance of the Jenckes Reverse Threaded Flow Valve (Patent Pending).


Mix it up with the Marquis at rogermexico@lordbuckley.com

dig the Marquis' (as btakeshi) videos here at LBC in the Video section

and double dig the Marquis' wig stretching video collection at YouTube (also as btakeshi)

[1891 1980]

A very hip 20th Century author of a novels and essays. His most famous books being "Tropic of Cancer" and "Tropic of Capricorn." Miller was a big fan of Lord Buckley's who would order stacks of Buckley's records to give as presents. He and Buckley also had a lively correspondence. It was Miller who made a gift of "Adventures In The Interior of America" by Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca De Gasca, which Buckley read and converted to the classic routine, "The Gasser"


Henry Miller Library


His Lordship's vast and uncensored imagination conjured up this giant of a man with a face like a "diamond hatchet" and an appetite that included everything from "chicks - carefully woven together" to "rump of small boy." In his shadow exploring epic L'Histoire de Juliette, the real Marquis de Sade presented Minski as a Russian giant who eats the flesh of humans, which he generously offers to his guests (does that sound a shade familiar?) Sade was said to have based his portrait of Minksi on a mythical personage from the murky waters of Russian folklore. If you haven't already, meet this prince of darkness in The Bad-Rapping of the Marquis de Sade.


Read Lord Buckley's The Bad Rapping of the Marquis de Sade at LB

[1911 - 1990]

Highly accomplished documentary filmmaker who, in the course of creating a film about the city of Chicago happened upon Studs Terkel. Terkel took him to the a small nightclub called the Gate of Horn where Mitchell captured the only known footage of Lord Buckley performing "The Nazz". Mitchell other film include "Morning In the Streets", "Eye to Eye" and "BILL SMAILES OF CRASTER"


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Filmmaker and curator of LordBuckley.com. Past exploits include stints as a rock 'n' roll drummer, family therapist, and computer programmer.



His Lordship's concise and forthwright name for a member of Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca's ill fated crew of Spainish shipwreck survivors. In the historical account his name was given as Estevan and he was identified as an African slave.



MUPO, DON (The Marquis De Mupo)

The Marquis de Mupo is the still hip and gracious cat who owned the Gold Nugget, a nightclub in '50s Oakland, California. It was here that the famous album "The Bad Rapping of The Marquis De Sade" was recorded.


See The Bad Rapping of the Marquis de Sade album at LB



[1915 - 1987]

Trombone player and leader of the San Francisco dixieland band the Turk Murphy Band. His Lordship and Murphy cut as many as half a dozen sides that exist today in acetate form (they were never issued on vinyl.) In the '50s Turk Murphy and art gallery owner Charles Campbell opened a nightclub together in San Francisco.

L I N K S:

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