FEGA, MORT (Crown Prince Mort of Fega)

Legendary seminal jazz radio host, jazz record producer, jazz concert MC, jazz writer, jazz historian and jazz record collector. Dig this jazz ! Mort Fega and Lord Buckley were fast friends. They shared the hipster patois as well as a love of music. Mort's beautiful pipes graced many an hour of jazz radio programming in New York City. He gave the euology at His Lordship's sending off ceremony.



Beat poet, City Lights Bookstore founder and publisher. Central to the San Francisco beat scene, Ferlinghetti published "Hiperama of the Classics" in 1960 and again in 1980. One of his better known volumes of poetry is "A Coney Island of the Mind," published in 1958. Upon surveying Fehrlinghetti's abode His Lordship exclaimed "A fairy tale palace, Your Majesty!!".


Wiki on Lawrence Fehrlinghetti

[1914 - 1988]

Artist and illustrator. You can dig the jumpin' swoop of Flora's work on the cover of His Lordship's swingin' opus Hipsters, Flipsters and Finger-Poppin' Daddies"


Jim Flora's web site


Half of the famous Buckley Everyman duo of Fred and Charlie. Fred and Charlie appear in several Buckley routines including Governor Slugwell and The Train


Lord Buckley's Governor Slugwell at LBC

Lord Buckley's The Train at LBC

FOREMASTER, LEWIS (aka Prince Lewis)
[1932 - 2006]

Lord Buckley's last Aide de Camp. When Lewis met His Lordship in 1958, Buckley was, not atypically broke, and the young, eager prince had a new set of wheels: a bright red VW van with the longest sunroof any cat ever dug in their life. Lord Buckley immediately engaged Lewis to cover the action of driving and to manage the money and to carry on and go a little crazy. The two had a great, swinging time of it, going from one gig to another. A great friendship grew between them. It was Lewis' van that served as the Royal Bus during the Cosmic Tour a cross country trip that ended sadly in New York with Buckley's death. Lewis was there when Buckley became sick, calling Ed Sullivan to seek his help in getting His Lordship to the hospital. He is one of the last people to have seen him alive. And the good prince can still wail on Buckley's routines doing machine gun renditions of The Pied Piper, The Nazz, The Raven and many others.

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