EINSTEIN, ALBERT (aka The Hip Einie)
[1879 - 1955]

Theoretical physicist, Nobel Laurate, originator of the theories of relativity. Reluctant father of the atomic bomb. Lord Buckley pays hip and reverant homage to Einstein in his monologue The Hip Einie.

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Performer Jason Eisenberg lives in Groton, MA and makes his living building custom pads for cats and kitties to stretch out in. Sir Jason is the Head Head of the Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble, a truly swingin' gathering of hipsters and flipsters that blow where few dare to go. Jason's voice conjures the beauty of the Lord Buckley's basement register which Sir J. puts to sweet and groovy service in his rendition of The Hip Gan, The Nazz, The Gettysburg Address and many other of The Lord's hippest riffs. Please check out Jason's earth angel story of How Lord Buckley Got To Heaven in the Faux For All Section at LBC

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