[100 BC - 44 BC]

Roman Emperor, highly decorated solider and author - both a historical figure and a figure of literature - His life ended one day in a messy sticker party hosted by his "friends" at the Forum. March was not his favorite month.


Lord Buckley's Willie the Shake at LBC

Lord Buckley's Marc Antony's Funeral Oration at LBC


Buckley interpreter. Tom wowed the choir at the 90th and 100th Buckley Birthday Bashes with his lively renditions of Buckley routines. He also starred in the revival of Richmond Shepard's Lord Buckley's Finest Hour. Tom lives in New York City.

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See Tom gassing the troupes at LBC



San Francisco art gallery owner and long time friend of Lord Buckley. Campbell knew Buckley both as a friend and as a fan in the late forties and all through the fifties. His Lordship even performed in Campbell's living room for a select group of lucky courtiers. It was Campbell that gave Lady Buckley two hundred dollars to get herself to New York for His Lordship's funeral. Campbell at 88 (as of March 2002) still runs his well known North Beach art gallery the Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery.


Radio announcer from the Golden Age of Radio. Case also did early television shows such as "Toast of the Town" the precursor to "The Ed Sullivan Show". One night on "Toast of the Town" Case was picked to be a stooge for Lord Buckley's performance of his signature Vaudeville routine "The 4 Chairs".


Half of the famous Buckley Everyman duo of Fred and Charlie. Fred and Charlie appear in several Buckley routines including Governor Slugwell and The Train


read Lord Buckley's Governor Slugwell at LBC

read Lord Buckley's The Train at LBC

[1921 - 1960]

Long time criminal suspected but never absolutely proven to be the "Red Light Bandit", a person who robbed couples in Lover's Lane pretending to be a cop by shining a red light in their eyes. The Red Light Bandit would also, upon occasion, drag off and sexually assault the female of the couples he robbed. Chessman was caught and confessed to being the Red Light Bandit (although he later recanted claiming he had been beaten into the confession.) At his trial the prosecution utilized the Little Lindbergh law that provides the death penalty for kidnapping and assault of the victim. Chessman was convicted and spent 12 years on death row. He wrote four books in that time and had 8 stays of execution. Some feel he greatly advanced the cause of prisoner's rights. Lord Buckley, struck by Chessman's courage, dedicated a recitation of Joseph S. Newman's "Leviathan" to Chessman at a performance at the Outside At the Inside in Palo Alto, CA in 1960 shortly before Chessman was put to death in the gas chamber at San Quentin Prison.


Performance artist and poet. Cinader has regaled audiences from New York City's hippest clubs to the raucous Celtic peppered crowds of Edinburgh's Fringe Festival with her Buckley inspired performances. Utilizing the Semantic of the Hip (with an added feminine twist) and her own wildly vivid imagination, she conjures up Nichola Tesla in Tesla Vision, and Golden Age philospher Hypatia in Homage to Hypatia, as well as her own versions of Jonah and the Whale and Nero. She hosts a radio program and is the co-editor of A Gathering of the Tribes, a bi-annual literary arts magazine. Martha is also the creator of a poetry and music series called Listen & Be Heard. Check out this web site's section A Long Neon Tube for announcements of Martha's upcoming appearances and be sure to visit her web site the CINASPHERE.

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see Martha performing Jonah and The Whale

read Martha Cinader's Tesla Vision at LBC

visit the CINASPHERE

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[1913 - 1984]

Animator, producer, director and puppeteer known for his work on the Looney Tunes cartoons in their golden age. He also created the "Beanie and Cecil" animated series for television. The episode "The Wildman of Wildesville" features the way gone voice of Lord Buckley as the character Go Man Van Gogh. Buckley pulled out all the stops to make this one of the hippest cartoons that ever made it to air.

[1927 - 2008]

Los Angeles based photographer, famous for his sensitive and illuminating photographs of many jazz greats and the jazz scene. The photos of Lord Buckley in a pith helmet, gracing the cover of several of Buckley's albums, are the work of Mr. Claxton. Mr. Claxton graciously consented to the use of his Buckley images at this web site.

[69 BC - 30 BC]

Last of the Ptolemaic Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra had passionate relationships with both Julius Ceasar and Marc Antony and several of her own brothers. With Antony she produced three children. Cleopatra was known as a very savvy politican and ruler. She is the only Ptolemaic Pharaoh to learn Egyptian (the Ptolmaic spoke Greek.) His Lordship made much of the Marc Antony/Cleopatra romance in a little snippet were he mentions "Marc and Cleo swingin' on the Nile.")


A person of the theatre, appeared with Lord Buckley and Severn Darden one night in 1960 in Chicago at The Gate of Horn in a performance billed as The Seacoast of Bohemia. Close helped found the Second City Comedy Review, was instrumental in shaping the careers of a number of performers including Bill Murray and John Belushi. He also created a wild flip of the vinyl called How to Speak Hip. Sadly, His Royal Highness Prince Close took a cab on March 4, 1999.


read Del Close's obit at LBC


Jazz musician born in Indiana and raised in Illinois. By the age of 16, playing both ukelle and banjo he had turned pro and all through the 1920's he was based in Chicago. He played with such notables as Bix Beiderbecke and Jack Teagarden. In 1948 "Eddie Condon's Floor Show" aired on WPIX-TV November 16, 1948 out of New York City. It featured a variety of jazz acts and as Master of Ceremonies, the swingin' Lord Buckley. Buckley's usually brief intros and outros were captured and can be heard on YouTube.


Eddie Condon Floor Show YouTube link


In the world of comedy Professor Irwin Corey stands out as one of the hippest and flippest of them all. With his signature phrase "However" and his inexhaustable cache of slyly humourous observations, he has captivated audiences from his debut in 1938 until he present day, where, well into his 90s, he still knocks 'em dead. His theatre experience is extremely varied with stints on radio and television, on the Vaudeville stage, in films and on Broadway. And , like any brilliant performer worth his or her salt, he was blacklisted in the 1950's for his political afflilations. Much to the worlds erudtion, substantangentiality, obfusgatorialousness and delight he can concantanate endlessly on any subject presented to him. He and His Lordship were fast friends and the humor, no doubt, ran deep and intense between them.


Was born in Brooklyn, NY like his father, the comedian, Prof. Irwin Corey (who was a friend of Lord Buckley). At an early age he started doing his father's routines and also the routines of performers his father worked with. He does a fairly good Lenny Bruce, and in 1964 while visiting his cousins who were living in Paris, first discovered Euphoria Vol. 2 in his cousin's collection. He did a French translation of Jonah and committed to memory the entire "Cabenza de Gasca the Gasser." When he got home, he wrote and illustrated a pseudo Buckley of "Joshuah and the Battle of Jerico." His ear is such that he can do a good imitation of Elvis, Buddy Holly and, of course. his all-time favorite, Otis Redding. He also does a seven-ply gassed out, delicate, circus day run up the Lord Buckley ladder. He recently participated in a stage reading by playwright Charles Pike (author of The Return of the Hip Messiah) about the great American author Terry Southern in The Terry Southern Show. He played the hunchback from "Candy" and was toying with the idea of wearing a Notre Dame sweatshirt as a costume.


See Lord Buckley in Florida at the Royal Gallery


CRANK, CHUBBY (Count Crank of Mill Valley)

Long time trumpet and vibes jazz player in the San Francisco Bay Area. His Lordship lived in San Raphael, CA in 1959 and 1960 and he was a frequent guest in the Crank pad, as was the Crank tribe at the Buckley castle. The good Count Crank played with some very heavy weight jazz greats including Dizzy Gillespie, Ornett
Coleman, Milt Hinton, John Coltrane, Jack Sheldon and fellow vibe player Gary Burton. The Crank children also got in on the scene being the enviable audience for numerous hip history lessons delivered by Lord Buckley especially for them. According to Lady Celeste, one of Chubby's children, His Lordshop got a huge kick out of the kid's appreciation of his history lessons because they grew up with the hip language and they dug what he was putting down from in front.


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New York area jazz bassist. As a young man Crow baby sat for the Buckley's when they were in the mood to paint the town red (which one imagines was quite often.) Crow is also an author of the book "From Birdland to Broadway - scenes from a jazz life". He devotes several pages to His Lord and Ladyship.


"From Birdland to Broadway" citation at LBC"



A writer living in Northern California. His Lord Buckley article for the San Francisco Examiner magazine Image, All Hail Lord Buckley!, is rich in facts and spirit, and liberally sprinkled with hipsomatic phraseology (and available at this web site.)

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read All Hail Lord Buckley! at LBC



As a singer/songwriter Brian Cutean (he writes his last name as "QTN") is hard to coax into a slot. This is also true of him as human being for he is kalidiscopic in his interests and the way those interests are expressed through his guitar, voice and persona. In terms of his lyrics the word whimsy comes to mind. But whimsy is but a shill to lure you into his lair where you soon come to realize that what you are hearing is anything but Chinese food for your soul. Brian deftly and sweetly performed his own composition "Hipsemantic Centennial" at the 2006 Centennial Hiparama Celebration of His Lordship's brief turn on the sphere. Dig the links below:

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RIFFS - Report from Portland
Brian's lyrics for "Hipsemantic Centennial
Pics from the 2006 Portland Hiparama show
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