[1870 - 1937]

Famous 20th century physicist. Mentor of Albert Einstein, mentioned in Buckley's piece "The Hip Einie"

[1921 - 2000]

Renaissance man, Allen was a comedian, composer, pianist, television host and much more. Lord Buckley appeared on the Tonight Show hosted by Allen in 1955.


Composer, musician, into the jazz scene since the 1940s, worked with a number of Beat and Bebop artists. Amram played piano for Lord Buckley in New York City the night before His Lordship, as Prince Owlhead has put it, "took a cab." David was hand-picked by Leonard Bernstein as the first composer-in-residence for the New York Philharmonic. He has played and recorded with Lionel Hampton, Charlie Mingus, Kenny Dorham and Dizzy Gillespie as improvising French hornist. While in Hollywood, he wrote the scores for "Splendor in the Grass", "The Manchurian Candidate", "The Young Savages" and others. Recently, his "A Little Rebellion: Thomas Jefferson" was premiered at Kennedy Center for Performing Arts with E. G. Marshall narrating. While not writing, composing, or conducting symphony orchestras all over the world, or touring internationally with his jaz/world music trio, David spends his time with his wife, Lora Lee; his children, Alana, Adira and Adam; and assorted goats, chickens, ducks and cows. He is constantly composing, even when driving his tractor David appeared, along with Ted Thompson in a documentary film, "The Beat Generation" in 1981. By the end of 1997, Amram will have 12 CDs of his music in curent distribution. Amram's musical composition in memory of his friend is titled Ode to Lord Buckley. Mr. Amram is also a member of that rather exclusive club of persons that have had a cheese named after them. If you are interested in this aspect of his life please

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David Amram's Home Page


Anderson is a swingin' Super Mensch. Not only is he a writer for and editor of Britain's premier folk roots magazine FROOTS, but he had a long career as a British folk musican, writing and recording albums and setting up several recording companies. This mighty knight was an early promoter and defender of the world music movement (he helped coined the phrase "World Music" in a pub one night, what else can you do when you don't have enough money for another pint?) He is also author of Tongue Dancer, a jumpin' opus of words that can be found in the 20th Anniversary issue of FROOTS. Anderson was first attracted to Lord Buckley during his school days and in the course of running FROOTS he found that numerous folk artists would mention His Lordship. Finally curiousity got the best of this cat and he produced the above mentioned article.

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FROOTS Home Page

Tongue Dancer article at LBC

[83 BC - 30 BC]

Roman policitian/soldier both a historical figure and a figure of literature - Buckley blows a cool, close shaved version of Marc's funeral oration from Willie the Shake's Julius Caesar.


Lord Buckley's Marc Antony's Funeral Oration at LBC

[c. 123/125 – c. 180]

Second Century author from Madaura (a town in what is now the country of Algeria), he is best known for his hilarious and rather racy story "The Golden Ass" (sometimes titled "Metamorphoses") Lord Buckley, in the tradition of his other hip fables, performed his own version of this wild tale of instant donkeys and vamping eagles.

[1920 - 2002]

Photographer reknown for his sensitive and insightful images of the jazz music scene since the 1950's. He covered all the Montery Jazz festivals, and numerous European jazz fests. His worked has graced more than 100 vinyl album covers and over 50 CD jewel cases as well. Took some of the very few photographs of Buckley at work in nightclubs.


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