1. When and where was Lord Buckley born? 7. How did Lord Buckley die?
2. Where can I find Lord Buckley recordings? 8. Where is Lord Buckley buried?
3. Was Lord Buckley part Native American? 9. Where can I buy Oliver Trager's book, "Dig Infinity"?
4. Did Lord Buckley really have six wives? 10. Is there any way to contact the Buckley family?
5. How many children did Lord Buckley have?
6. Is any there any video of Lord Buckley available?
6. Is any there any video of Lord Buckley available?
Lord Buckley appears on video very rarely. There is a VHS video titled "Classic TV for the 50's & 60's" featuring a 1949 Toast of the Town (the early version of The Ed Sullivan Show) with Lord Buckley doing his 4 Chairs Vaudeville routine. This video is probably out of print. There is also a box set of Groucho Marx's "You Bet Your Life" show currently available on DVD featuring one episode with Lord Buckley. There is a DVD issue of the Beanie and Cecil show in which Lord Buckley provides the voice of intrepid beaknik Go Man Van Gogh. And His Lordship appeared in "We're Not Married", a 1952 Hollywood movie. In this film he plays Mr. H. D. Graves, a radio show producer, in a scene with Ginger Rogers and Fred Allen. This film can sometimes be found on VHS and and also on DVD.